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Our multiple SPA treatments and therapies will help you relax, leave worries behind, and restore harmony to the body.
All treatments are offered after obtaining a shift.
Stimulates arterial circulation, relaxes muscles and opens pores, promoting the elimination of toxins and fighting fatigue and nervous tension. It helps relieve anxiety, insomnia and stress. It is also an ally against cellulite and rheumatic pains.
Also known as Dry Sauna. It is an untreated wooden cabin (so that the wood can absorb moisture that may be in excess), where an electric heater is responsible for raising the temperature. Unlike the Finnish Bath or Turkish Bath, it is a dry heat, allowing sweating.
Among its benefits are:
• Renewal of the epidermis.
• Relaxing effect.
• Elimination of toxins.
• Muscles gain elasticity.
• Help increase defenses.
• Improves cardiovascular function.
• Improves arthritis.
• Improves breathing.
• De-stressing effect, releases endorphins, therefore helps fight insomnia and stress.

You must also take certain precautions. It is not recommended for people with heart problems, stress problems or pregnant women.
Free yourself from stress, contractures and worries.
Among the many benefits of massages, we can find:
Its usefulness to reduce tension, generate a feeling of general well-being, relieve pain, and improve sleep. They also reduce stress, contribute to better circulation and promote the functioning of the immune system.
Ask about the different types of massages we have available to you.

Also called Turkish Bath, Wet Sauna or Hammam. In contrast to the Dry Sauna, in this type of sauna the heat is generated by heating water and evaporating throughout the room, creating a kind of haze. That is, the heat is supplied through water vapor (moist heat), and the near saturation of humidity in the environment is sought.
-The heat accelerates metabolic functions, increasing breathing, heart rate and therefore stimulating the nervous and hormonal system.
-The steam produces a balanced dilation of the pores, which eliminates toxins and impurities.
-When the pores expand and the water vapor enters, the skin is cleansed, leaving it soft.
-It has a great relaxing effect, although at the beginning you have to get used to the feeling of overwhelm that can produce air so saturated with water vapor.
- When the airways are humidified, an expectorant effect is produced, useful in situations of cold, cough, sinusitis and other respiratory system conditions.
-The cardiorespiratory system increases its ability to exchange oxygen and ventilation, producing benefits in the recovery of effort.
-Indicated for teenagers with acne problems by cleaning the pores deeply. Also useful before shaving when softening the skin.

It is not recommended for people with heart problems, stress problems or pregnant women.
Nothing like a beautiful walk on the beach or jog on the seashore . But for those who do not want to leave the comfort of the Hotel , we have an Aerobic Gym to meet your needs.
Aerobic exercise in stationary bicycles, treadmill or stair climber, contribute significantly to health because:
Use fats as the main source of energy, so you can lose weight by reducing body fat.
• Improves cardiovascular function and lung capacity.
• Facilitates blood circulation and oxygenation of the body, which translates into an increase in the ability to make efforts, and a general improvement of the various functions of the body.
• Positively influences mood, improving self-esteem, quality of sleep and general well-being of the individual. When exercising, endorphins are released in the brain, proteins associated with the inhibition of pain and the generation of pleasurable sensations.
• Increases levels of calcium absorption, strengthening bones and reducing the risk of fractures.
• It helps lower blood pressure and reduce LDL ("bad") cholesterol levels, while increasing HDL ("good cholesterol") levels. In this way, the risk of infarction decreases.
• Increase resistance.
• Strengthens, tones and defines muscles.
This therapy that uses jets of water under pressure, offers several benefits:
Reactivates blood circulation and seeks to deeply tone the skin of the body. Stimulates skin cells, because it massages superficially. The dead skin cells tend to disappear, because the shower is exfoliating and produces a deep cleansing.
The energy of the body is renewed and the state of mind usually rises. It is for this reason that the Scottish shower is ideal for patients who need to calm the stress and achieve a mental and physical balance.
After a massage, a sauna session or the treatment you choose, enjoy a cool drink and a wonderful moment of relaxation with an ocean view.